LINA Likes: William Willett and Daylight Saving

LINA Likes William Willett and Daylight Saving.jpgLisa is back in Chislehurst, this time following in the footsteps of William Willett, the tireless promoter of Daylight Saving Time. She visits Chislehurst Common, St Nicholas Church, and as an added feature, takes a ramble through the woods to discover the location of the William Willett Memorial Sundial.

Music featured in this video is the very moving, ‘Clocks’, by Coldplay. We claim no ownership over the track, and include it because Chris Martin is the great-great-grandson of William Willett, and there is a nod to daylight saving in the lyrics:

“The lights go out and I can’t be saved”
(or so we’ve heard)

A shoutout to Clare Herriot and Joanna Friel from Visit Chislehurst who gave very helpful information about the location of the William Willett Sundial. Be sure to check out their videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel:

Joanna’s ‘Friel On Friday’ videos, starring herself and videoed by Clare, are more than just interesting, they’re informative as well, and provide a very useful backdrop to a remarkable village with an even more incredible history, Chislehurst. Please visit their website:

Other websites whose information was invaluable to this video:

Like Visit Chislehurst, The Chislehurst Society has a wealth of information about this fascinating location. Please be sure to visit their website. The photo of William and his daughter Gertrude on their horses comes from this site. Thank you.

The photo of William with the clock is kindly borrowed from: Also thank you!

If you would like to read William Willett’s pamphlet, ‘The Waste Of Daylight’, the full text is available here:

As mentioned, we used ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay for this video. You can download ‘Clocks’ from iTunes:

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